Lawn Care Services

Weekly Mowing
Call us today to schedule your weekly lawn mowing.  We will work with you to get your lawn in the best shape for the season.  We offer additional lawn maintenance services to improve the quality of your lawn.  Your Valley Lawn Care professional will work with you to determine your lawn’s needs.

Here are some helpful tips for getting your lawn looking its best:
A well-tended yard that features a thick carpet of green grass and stately trees brings rich texture to the landscape, enhancing the attractiveness and value of your home.  Here are some tips to help maintain the health and beatuy of your lawn and trees for years to come.

Lawn Maintenance
Mowing – it is important to keep your lawn neat and well manicured by mowing it regularly.
Fertilizing – fertilizer contains nutrients that strengthen grass and promote rapid root growth.
Lime application – Lime can be applied to a lawn any time of year.  It is often done during spring or fall when lawn stresses are minimal and more time is usually available.

Healthy grass will help crowd out the weeds in your lawn.  When weeds appear in your lawn, we will recommend the best course of action to getting your lawn beautiful and weed free.

Mulching of Flower/Plant Beds
Valley Lawn Care provides installation of mulch to enhance your lawn’s landscape design.  We will work with you to determine how much you will need and the type and color of mulch you prefer.  Mulching your flower beds will enhance your overall landscape design while keeping your flowers cool in the sun.
*  Mulch is great to keep plants warm and in the winter, and cool in the summer.

*  It saves water, keeps plants from freezing and cuts down on weeding.

Edging throughout your landscape is an important step to making your lawn beautiful.  Valley Lawn Care specializes in providing clean, beautiful edges to flower beds, shrubs & bush plantings and around trees throughout your lawn.
*  Flower bed edgings help control the outward growth of the plants within it, stopping the spread of vines into the lawn or into other planting areas.  Edging a flower bed also contributes to the look of the overall design of the flower bed, and makes it look finished as well as neat and contained

Hedge & Shrub Trimming
Valley Lawn Care offers hedge & shrub trimming.  We will work with you to understand the design and shape you are looking for and provide you with important guidelines to keeping your plantings at their healthiest.  Some shrubs and hedges require trimming multiple times per year.  Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Tree & Shrub Plantings
Are you looking to enhance your landscape with Trees & Shrubs?  Valley Lawn Care will work with you to design a beautiful, lush and healthy planting.  With over 20 years in landscaping, we are very knowledgeable in the various tree & shrub types, what will be healthiest in  your yard and layout the planting design accordingly.
*  Shrubs are a much lower maintenance way to add color and texture all year long – not just in the spring and summer
*  Many shrubs are easy care plants
*  Huge selection of color, hardiness, textures and fragrances

Light Tree Work
It is important for the safety of your home and the health of your tree to ensure proper trimming is done.  Whether it is trimming limbs off the house or removing unhealthy limgs, Valley Lawn Care offers light tree work.  If the job is too big for us, we will work with a qualified Tree Service company to remove large unwanted trees.